I know.. its been a while. I haven't blogged for such a long time, life got kinda hectic! However I'm back with a little progress update. If you read this little blog you'll know towards the end of last year I started practising fashion illustration and drawing pretty girls as a change from animals.. plus I have more time to experiment now I'm a graduate. So here's a few flicks of work in progress. Started drawing Rihanna this week, she's unfinished but I've found myself hardly ever completely finishing these illustrations - I think I'm scared I'll ruin them! I kinda like the unfinished feel anyway... Happy with riri but there's something not quite right.. not sure if it's her eyes! Also been trying out new blending techniques and I don't think I've got them down to a t either.. but practice makes perfect! Anyway I'm going to scan her in and play around on photoshop, I'll blog with the finished illustration when I'm done. 





KICKS by amyselina featuring an oversized cable knit sweater

 After FINALLY getting my hands on a pair of Office Nighthawks my greedy little eyes fell in love with the new Nike Air's.. L O V E the nod to the 90's of course.. and the new colour ways/suede panels give them a new school cool.. I've got these bad boys on order so building outfits around them has taken up the last hour of my spare time just nicely.. now if only my bank balance would oblige (story of my life I know).


KICKS x3 by amyselina featuring a gray shirt

Three fave outfit builds from my picks.





WISHLIST by amyselina featuring super skinny jeans

Just created this feast for eyes on POLYVORE after drooling over Office Nighthawks for FAR TOO LONG... my bank balance is still in a terrible state so window shopping has been a habit for quite some time. A shopping spree is well overdue! However, my newly graduate status doesn't allow for such pleasantries so this will have to do for now. 
My fave picks for my future A/W wardrobe (I wish.. swoooooon) & my style pretty much summed up in an image. 
Skinnies paired with oversized knits, luxe tee's, studs and dark or pastel shades for pops of pretty colour. 
L O V E 
Now I just need to find someone to employ me! (Although I am now officially a freelance designer for Tigerprint (YAY) roll on the work...)
I need a dollar dollar..




 MORE nail art to share. I really do have a slight obsession going on. This one is a cheap 99p Tesco nails! white varnish.. considering its so cheap I expected it to chip or need more than 2 coats, it doesnt - thick enough to only need 2, which is pretty standard I'd say? and doesn't chip easily, obviously after a while its going to but no matter what varnish you use thats always the same..
For the print I used Barry M limited edition lilac / black and tescos coral. I wasn't sure about a white background for animal print nails as I'm usually a dark nail kinda gal.. but I loved this, subtle but still stands out and I got plenty of compliments :) I'd probably use different colours for the spots next time but these will do for now! 

Varnish: Barry M - Black / Lilac : nails! (Tesco) - White / Coral